The Tomato is a juicy fruit, red in color, with a distinctively sweet taste

The Tomato is the world’s most popular fruit and has been grown for centuries. They are produced commercially in cold temperate climates like Europe, North America and Asia. The Tomato is a rich source of vitamins A and C. They also provide folate and Lycopene which are antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and protect eyesight from damage caused by UV exposure.

There are many other varieties of tomatoes that can be found across the globe like the Roma sauce tomato, beefsteak tomato and cherry tomato. There are also different ways to prepare them such as cooked tomatoes, raw tomatoes, fried tomatoes or canned tomatoes too!

Tomatoes are a vegetable. Tomatoes are a fruit. Tomatoes are red, yellow, green, orange brown and purple colored. They were first domesticated in South America and came to Europe by way of the Portuguese and Spanish explorers in the 15th century.

Tomato is the name for vegetables of genus Lycopersicon esculentum, usually a thick-walled cotyledon with a central core of small seeds surrounded by fleshy tissue called „human flesh”.

The tomato is a watery type of fruit, currently in the family Solanaceae. Tomatoes are used as food and also as a decorative plant in gardens.

Tomatoes are believed to have originated from Central and South America and were spread globally by Spanish conquistadors. They are mentioned in the earliest known European text, which was written in 1299 by Vicente Cervantes de Monreal, titled „Libro de la Viña”.

The word „tomato” is somewhat misleading because tomatoes actually come from vines not true tomatoes plants.

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